weeks continue to amaze

When Sonali came home from school, I let her play for an hour before I told her the news. I wanted to savor the innocence of her not knowing Daddy was dead. When she heard Alan’s plane had crashed and he was not coming home, she wailed a cry so deep and heartbreaking, a cry I pray I will never hear again from any living being. She sobbed for an hour straight, and then she looked me in the eyes and said, “I am so sad. But I’m not the saddest girl in the world. Some children have lost their mommy and their daddy, and I still have you IP Networking.”

A few days after the crash, Sonali’s brother Chris, concerned that Sonali might not understand what was really happening, asked her, “Do you know where Daddy is?”

“Yes, he’s at work!”

Chris was wondering how to handle this, when she continued. “Silly, he’s in court. Defending the angels Nespresso Capsules.”

Sonali’s courage in the following me and remind me of her dad. One of Alan’s final contemplations was a sentence he’d heard in a recent workshop, Fear-Who Cares? I know these words helped guide him on September 11 Nespresso.