how many literati poet praise spring

Since the “millennium”, our the weather is like the monkey sun face, changeable, sunny weather is rare precious, regularly mist, rainy. This rainy autumn, just like a dissatisfied housewife in chatter, tears; Appears who angered the heavenly palace, let the world people struggling, struggling in the mud of suffering, life just slap, in turning the tunnel vision Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Early listen to their parents said: “the millennium” that day, if the rain, no nice day within six months, the road round white rain. For a long time, I just don’t believe this evil, always think their parents informed, its! Is not on “homophonic”? This year, it’s not, “the millennium” is the rain that day, a day have not been good weather, is their parents “fallacy” is “truth”? Or a coincidence? I’m speechless!

Although already “the beginning of winter, the cold weather from day to day, but the endless autumn waters, also in intermittent showers, trapping yourself in the eyes of people out of the blood, uneasy heart can’t calm, all this, maybe is the continuation of autumn song Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Stop lingering, cause local fields have piles of work is not finished, and the piece is set in the fields of corn, corn SuiEr is like inside, looks good, but worry about the dead; Strip away the corn wrapping, find the corn withstand the baptism of the rain, metamorphism, hair white, decadent… In some fields, a pile of a pile of corn SuiEr, staggered rain test, the bright colors of the orange to pale; A lot of a place is on the weather, because of the rain too much and can’t back to home, to the warehouse, touches the soil layer is beginning to “breed” planted, green shoots a bunch of a bunch of and under the root, glistening like suddenly in his dotage, really make people love dearly. Little imagine, the inappropriate can green shoots can withstand a frost?

Since ancient times,  sing psalms to fall, but like in the spring of this year, this year’s autumn, endless melancholy to shame, let a person devoid of love! But this year the farmers, really let a person loving!

I don’t know if it was dissatisfied housewife, but also when the tears? Also don’t know this charming pretty tiangong can also run a couple of days? If small nuwa god to fill again day, believe it must be the day of god has eyes, also must be a farmer’s down Dream beauty pro hard sell!

Smith found that he was soon making

  The lazy boy began to see what he could do. But after a little practice he found that he was becoming very skilled and soon he was making some of the finest tacks.
  Old Mr. Smith died and the son on account of the war lost all his goods. He had to leave home and was forced to take up residence in another country. It so happened that in this village there were numerous shoemakers who were spending a lot of money to buy tacks for their shoes and even at times when they paid high prices they were not always able to get what they wanted, because in that part of the country there was a high demand for soldiers’ shoes.

  Our young Mr. Smith, who was finding it difficult to earn his daily bread, remembered that once upon a time he had learned the art of making tacks and had the sudden idea of making a bargain with the shoemakers. He told them that he would make the tacks if they would help to get him settled in his workshop. The shoemakers were only too glad of the offer. And after a while, Mr. the finest tacks in the village.
  ”How funny it seems,” he used to say, “even making tacks can bring a fortune. My trade is more useful to me than were all my former riches.” 

  The Patient and the Ship Owner

  This incident occurred one morning outside Albert Sch-weitzer’s hospital in the African jungle.A patient had gone fishing in another man’s boat.The owner of the boat thought he should be given all the fish that were caught.Dr.Sch-weitzer said to the boat owner:

  “You are right because the other man ought to have asked permission to use your boat.But you are wrong because you are careless and lazy.You merely twisted the chain of your canoe round a palm tree instead of fastening it with a padlock.Of laziness you are guilty because you were asleep in your hut on this moonlit night instead of making use of the good opportunity for fishing.”