Chrysanthemum students in rural areas

Her brother several, poor economic conditions, and a man will only keep two acres Susukida living person. At the end of the eighty’s, the economy has started to invigorate the chrysanthemum, and therefore want to try, even though men do not support elyze price. She began to put stall,

selling shoes and socks, children’s clothing, such as commodity, every day from morning to evening, the wind rain, worked tirelessly. Such a rush, despite the bitter point, but at last there is a number of small income, so, she will then rented a shop, began selling adult clothing. In her business with mastermind with painstaking effort, slowly pick up, men also help with the business. A year later, they have their own shops, at this time, the business is getting better and better, the store staff is not enough, so he hired several workers. In Chrysanthemum drive, her brothers also stem from the clothing business, the whole family day, all of a sudden the old look. A few years later, they settled in the town, the village became the envy of the good people elyze Hong Kong.

Who thought, a very fantastic thing happened. Chrysanthemum man unexpectedly and store a beautiful young employees, and not to divorce, the reason is that the woman was pregnant with his child. In the family were against invalid, chrysanthemum resolutely and he broke up, the husband does not agree, Niang people do not agree, relatives and friends that chrysanthemum do so soft. But Daisy’s attitude is also very strong, say, since what is done cannot be undone, why insist? Let him go. I’ll give him freedom. The husband and the woman got married, but also to start the old line elyze Hong Kong.


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