Standing beside the rock

see the water so deep, stone is so high, I dare not tremble with fear in one’s boots, jump HKUE ENG . They encourage and say, “jump! Jump! Jump jump!” , I still can’t jump. I do not know who, in my back suddenly a push, a fall into the water. I make a hullabaloo about limbs, pedaling, up and down, struggling, be at one’s last gasp. Remember who saved me ashore, also remember that I woke up, but after that I learned to swim, but also learned to “put the beach”, but it is true that remember.

To flood the most meaningful activity is. Maple strains of lake reservoir interchange in woniu Shan “bull”, where there is a huge stone warehouse, as if really is “cattle mouth, water is very deep, hidden inside fish a lot of HKUE ENG , most is Miichthys miiuy. Haruki water the best two people, one is my two uncle, a father’s younger male cousin is dumb. Two people will be “closed qigong”, a dive in the water, can persist for an hour not breathing out. Because of these efforts, they can touch the big fish.

A second uncle pulled out a large Miichthys miiuy is 8 pounds, refused to accept the dumb uncle, simply touch the a 10 pounds of Miichthys miiuy was enough. The children also learn the way adults gone fishin, but always to no avail, because we just saw the fish or just touch the fish, gas is not enough, will quickly rose to the surface for air, otherwise it will be hold in death HKUE DSE . Murakami’s adults have also learned to second uncle and mute uncle gone fishin, can’t touch the fish. They would try to find a way “the fish”, some people also learn the “downtown fish.” Solid explosives fish, naoyu liquid poison. The fish is very cruel, naoyu more cruel, not only fish were killed, and fish have to suffer.


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